Hard Rock Bet Accepting More Customers in Florida

All sports bettors in the state of Florida can now get in on the action. Read to find out how sports betting expanded.

The Seminole Tribe just continues to surprise with sports betting in Florida, but all of those surprises continue to be a great thing. The Hard Rock Bet app is now available to all sports bettors in the state, and this launch happened two days before it was expected. 

This is now going to give all sports bettors in the state an opportunity to wager on sporting events, but the Hard Rock Bet app has been back in Florida since November 7th. The Seminole Tribe was allowing a select group of customers the opportunity to wager, but only those that had previously had an account. 

It’s shocking to see the Hard Rock Bet app available at all, as there is still a legal battle happening both at the national and state level. Leaders of the Seminole Tribe were initially waiting for the process to play out, but they wanted to get in on the NFL betting action before the season was over. 

This isn’t the first state to launch the Hard Rock Bet app either as it has seen plenty of growth throughout the country over the last 12 months. Everything has gone smoothly in other states, giving leaders of this tribe the desire to expand into Florida.

There is still a chance that this mobile app could get shut down once again, but the Seminole Tribe is hoping that doesn’t happen. Unlike last time, the Seminole Tribe should at least get some sort of warning before having to shut down completely again. 

DeSantis Not Backing Down

It was Governor Ron DeSantis that worked with the Seminole Tribe in order to get the sports betting compact signed, and he got thrown into the mess when legal issues started. Not only is West Flagler & Associates taking aim at the Seminole Tribe, but the Governor was also forced to speak on the issue.

DeSantis recently filed his response to the lawsuit in the Florida State Supreme Court, and that will now give the judge a decision to make. West Flagler & Associates were also given an extension at the federal level, and that could drag that process out a bit as well. 

The opposition continues to claim that this sports betting compact violates the state constitution as voters didn’t get the chance to make a decision. That is typically the process to create a new constitutional amendment, but the new gaming compact didn’t make that happen. 

Retail Sportsbooks Ready to Launch

The full launch of mobile sports betting was supposed to coincide with the opening of new retail sportsbooks, but the Seminole Tribe jumped the gun a bit. While the mobile sportsbook is now available to everyone in the state, retail sportsbooks are still set to launch on Thursday. 

Not only will the Seminole Tribe be opening a bunch of new retail sportsbooks, but they are going to be doing it in style. There are some big celebrations planned at several of the locations, but the Hollywood Casino in Fort Lauderdale is going to attract the biggest stars. 

Bruno Mars is going to be performing at the Hard Rock Live, and that is just one of the major surprises set to great new in-person sports bettors. The Seminole Tribe is going to be unveiling other new forms of gambling as well, but sports betting should attract plenty of action. 

In true Seminole Tribe fashion, the launches will be staggered so that the party continues throughout the weekend.