More Updates to Florida Sports Betting Situation

The Florida sports betting saga continues, but there have been some positive developments. Here is the latest.

The Florida sports betting saga continues, but there have been some positive developments. The Seminole Tribe appears to have the power to launch at any time.

More Updates to Florida Sports Betting Situation

The state of Florida still doesn’t have any sports betting options available, but technically the industry is currently legal in the state. There was a time in which the Seminole Tribe did launch online sports betting in Florida, but those sportsbooks were shut down almost immediately. 

The legality of sports betting in the state of Florida has been tied up in the court system for nearly two years, and updates have been slow to come. West Flagler and Associates is the group that continues to challenge the Seminole Tribe in court, but they are running out of options. 

There is a chance that the Seminole Tribe could re-launch online sports betting by the end of 2023, but there is also a desire to wait and let an official resolution come. Sports bettors in the state are anxious to get this industry back, and Florida would become a massive market in this industry. 

Supreme Courts Now Getting Involved

West Flagler and Associates have been slowing down the relaunch of sports betting in the state of Florida by continually making appeals at the federal level. Their final attempt was just blocked on Thursday, and there is only one more court left for them to try to get a favorable resort. 

That group filed an emergency appeal to the United States Supreme Court, but it’s unclear if a case will even be heard at that level. The Florida State Supreme Court could also get involved in this mess as there was an appeal filed to that court earlier this week. 

Governor Ron DeSantis is a big proponent of sports betting, and he actually worked with the Seminole Tribe in order to come up with a new gaming compact to get the industry legalized. He would love to see the Seminole Tribe be able to launch sports betting yet again, but he’s not going to have a say in the decision. 

Seminoles Planning to Wait

Technically the Seminole Tribe can go ahead and launch sports betting at anytime as the decisions from the court give them that opportunity. That hasn’t been the case with previous court decisions, and they are expected to wait around yet again. 

Formal announcements from leaders of the tribe show that they are thrilled with the way that this is all playing out, but they don’t want to have to shut down their online sportsbook ever again. When the Seminoles launched online sports betting the first time it was the Hard Rock Sportsbook that was available, but it has since been rebranded to Hard Rock Bet. 

There is some pressure on the Seminole Tribe to launch sports betting at some point during the 2023 NFL season as this is when most of the betting action takes place. Time is of the essence though, and the judicial system always tends to work pretty slowly. 

Hard Rock Bet is Improved

Even though Hard Rock hasn’t been able to acquire a massive market in the state of Florida, it has been making some big moves in other parts of the country. The rebranding of the sportsbook to Hard Rock Bet has been very well received, and many industry experts are starting to take note. 

Hard Rock bet is currently available in six different states, and it is known to be one of the best mobile apps found in the industry. Reviews of the mobile sportsbook app have pointed out that this is a mobile app that works extremely fast, and it also gives users a clean look and feel. 

Florida sports bettors are eager to get their opportunity to use the new product from the Seminole Tribe.