How to Bet on Tennis – A Guide to Tennis Betting

Are you interested in learning how to bet tennis? This guide breaks down what it takes to wager on matches, along with types of bets.

When looking at the main betting sports that Americans love to bet on, tennis falls down the line a bit. However, the betting market for tennis is wide when you look everywhere else.

Regardless of where you are in the world, there is most likely a tennis game occurring. This is because the ATP and WTA Tours will travel around the world to host events or play tournaments. Below you will see the types of bets to make and how to find the one that best fits your style.

How the Tennis Season is Constructed

With ATP and WTA Tours traveling around the world, tennis is a year-round sporting event. Each player holds onto points for a ranking system from one season to the next. This is unlike any sport out there where points are set back to zero, usually with a new season.

In fact, certain points are held by a player who has to defend their title at a tournament. For example, the previous winner of the tournament would have 1,000 points. They would have to try and defend those points if they want to keep their ranking by winning.

This is interesting when other great players are in the mix that have lower amounts like 340. The point to try and remember here is that the points matter when trying to place a ranking on a player.

Where to Bet on Tennis

Before you try to lay money down on your favorite tennis player, you will need to look into where you are placing your bets first. Your physical location matters a lot here. Sports betting is legal in over 30 states. Many also offer mobile betting options. Make sure the sportsbook is legal and legit.

After you have found a sportsbook to try out, you will want to look at the welcome offers and bonuses. This is potentially bonus money to play with here and could boost your first few bets by a lot. Reading through the terms and conditions would also be beneficial. This way, you can check to see how the bonuses work and even other information you might have missed.

You will also want to check out some other features that they offer, such as payment methods, their types of bets, and even the navigation of the site or mobile app.

Different Types of Tennis Bets

There are a few main ways to bet on tennis. However, bettors can expand this and look for more ways than just the first three.


One of the most popular bets for tennis is the moneyline. This means you are picking a player to win the match.

Example: If one player is -130 (favorite) on the moneyline against another player, this means you would have to pay $130 to win $100 on that victory. If the other player is +120 (underdog) in the same match, you would win $120 on a $100 wager.

Game Spread and Set Spread

If one player is a favorite to win over another in a three-set match, you might see a game spread of -4.5. This means that they would have to win five more games than the other player in the match (like 6-2, 6-3) to cover the spread.

On the other hand, if the player wins (such as 6-4, 6-4) and you instead bet the on +4.5 on the player, you win the bet. This is because they stayed within the spread amount.

The set spread is very similar in nature to the game spread. You might see something like -1.5 for a player to win a set. If the other player wins more than the given number, then your bet will lose.


The totals (over/under) are for trying to wager on how long the game will last with rounds. If you see a number given by the sportsbook of 22.5, this means that the matches would have to have at least 23 or more games. Betting under this amount means you think the game will be less than that amount.

There are other bets to consider too, such as futures (events in the future) or even live betting. Prop bets are also useful and fun for many bettors but often are at higher risk because they are harder to guess.

How to Live Bet on Tennis

Depending on the sportsbook that you have chosen, you could be able to use live betting in your betting experience. For tennis, this is interesting too because these events happen at different times throughout the year and times of day.

To use live betting to your advantage, you still need to treat this as you would for any other bet. This means you need to prepare as you would for the moneyline or other bet before placing the bet. Live betting is exactly as it sounds. You will be experiencing these bets in real time and watch them unfold.

If you are new to tennis betting and live betting, then you should probably just take it a day at a time and get used to it first. You can enjoy the live-action of the game while you wait for your bets to unfold.

Tips for Betting the Tennis

One of the biggest things you would need to do before you place any bets is to make sure you have the proper amount of money to do so. It does not have to be a large amount to make money, but it also means you could lose any given amount too.

Setting up a budget can be a good idea, too. This way, you will know what amount to spend and figure out your finances better.

Your next move would be to do your research. Just because you like a certain player does not mean they will win every time. A favorite player might mean that you could do somewhat “less” research on them if you know a lot about them. This does not give you a free pass to not do research, but you could end up doing less on your favorite player.

Keeping track of your bets is another good idea to see how well you are doing. If you can keep a watch on your bets, then you can see exactly your pros and cons and what to improve on.

Tennis Betting FAQ

How do I practice my bets?

If you would like to practice your betting strategy, you can always write down your thoughts. Instead of laying down money and worrying about the bet, just simply write down what you think will happen and go from there. This way you do not lose any money.

How can I do player research?

If you do not know where to look for player research, try looking up reputable websites like ESPN or the league-specific tour such as the ATP. Other sites out there will have more information but just be sure you can fact check it before you go with it.

What is a good dollar amount to bet?

Whether it is $5 or $5,000, you will need to decide what is best for you, your budget, and your risk. You have to treat this money as if you are prepared to lose it, so whatever works for your budget and happiness.

Does the court matter?

The court they play on is a huge difference. There are three courts that tennis uses and that is clay, grass, and hard court. One player might be excellent at clay but struggle on grass courts. These all affect players differently, like the speed of their serve or the way they move.

Other information to look for?

Make sure you check on recent injuries, the style of each player, and the weather. Most tennis events are played outdoors, but some are inside. You just want to make sure you do not miss something that could change the outcome of the game.