Best Sportsbooks for Different Bettors

In this section of the site, we offer multiple articles suggesting the best sportsbooks for different bettors based on their interests. Think of this section as being like the Wirecutter of sportsbook recommendations — each post generally offers a single “best” choice along with a couple more recommendations for folks with slightly different needs.

Here are the best sportsbooks for the following purposes and in the different categories:

  • Best for Beginners – We offer three suggestions for the best sportsbooks for beginners. When deciding which sportsbooks would really be best for beginners, we evaluated which ones had the easiest signup processes and the best promotional offers for new bettors.
  • Best for Baseball – We offer three ranked suggestions for the best baseball sportsbooks. The #1 criterion we used to choose the best sportsbooks for baseball bettors was the lines themselves. You should look for books that offer a wide variety of good lines.
  • Best for Blackjack – This might be a surprise category since most bettors want to focus on sports. But many online sportsbooks also offer casino games, and if you want to bet somewhere that also offer blackjack, you should attend to the suggestions on this page.
  • Best for Boxing – If you want to bet on boxing, we offer a ranked list of 4 sportsbooks. The main criterion for ranking these books was the signup bonus available, as that’s the most important thing from a boxing sportsbook.
  • Best for Golf – We offer a top 3 list of golf betting sportsbooks where we considered multiple factors, including signup bonuses, banking options, and specific promotions aimed at golf bettors.
  • Best for NASCAR – NASCAR fans are loyal by nature, so we paid close attention to our recommendations here. That’s because we assume that NASCAR bettors are going to stick with their choice once they sign up.
  • Best for Parlays – If you want to win big money on a sports bet, a parlay is the way to go. The trick to choosing the best sportsbook for parlays is finding books which offer better payout odds than others. Many online sportsbooks offer lower-than-standard odds for a parlay, and we avoided listing those.
  • Best for Player Props – Player prop bets can be the most fun way to bet on a sporting event. These bets often offer larger payouts than average, too. But not all books offer these kinds of bets, and some of those that do don’t offer many options.
  • Best for Soccer – Betting on soccer isn’t as common in the United States as betting on football, but it’s growing more popular every year. We offer a top three list of the best soccer sportsbooks along with our reasons for our choices on this page.
  • Best for US Players – Of course, our site only focuses on sportsbooks for United States players, but this page focuses on land-based sportsbooks as well as online sportsbooks. If you’re betting on sports for the first time in the United States, this page is helpfu.

This section of the site will continue to expand over time.