Best Sportsbook for Soccer

If you live in the United States, you probably think that football is the most popular sport in the world. The NFL and college football rules the sports world in the US. Basketball in the NBA and NCAA are also popular in the US, but not quite as popular as football.

But football and basketball aren’t the most popular sport in the world. The title of most popular sport in the world belongs to soccer. Football isn’t even close to soccer when it comes to popularity.

The popularity of soccer is why every sportsbook has lines on soccer matches. If you want to bet on soccer matches, you need to find the best sportsbook for soccer.

On this page, you’re going to learn about soccer betting and find out what the best sportsbooks for betting on soccer are. Four betting sites are in the running for the best soccer sportsbook, but there can only be one winner.

Best Sportsbook for Soccer Betting

For most legal sports betting in the US, DraftKings or FanDuel is the best sportsbook. But when it comes to the best sportsbook for soccer, the Bet365 sportsbook takes the number one spot.

Four sportsbooks were in the running for number one, but Bet365 took home the win because they offer such a wide range of soccer matches to bet on. When the sportsbooks were compared, Bet365 had over 80 soccer matches with available betting lines.

The current Bet365 bonus is when you bet at least $1 you receive $200 in bonus bets.

Bet365 has been offering sports betting for over 20 years. The sportsbook scored well in every area compared to the other sportsbooks and

Other Top Soccer Sportsbook Options

Twp other sportsbooks scored high in grading but didn’t make the top spot. All three of these sportsbooks are highly recommended, so you can feel safe creating accounts and placing bets at any or all of them.

FanDuel sportsbook is one of the best overall US sportsbooks, and the only reason they don’t finish higher on this list is they don’t offer as many soccer betting lines. But they do offer lines on all popular soccer matches and they have a nice bonus offer.

The bonus offer when you sign up at FanDuel is a bonus bet of up to $1,000.

DraftKings won the top spot for the best sportsbook for many other sports. Like FanDuel, DraftKings is a great US sportsbook. But they focus more on the popular American sports more than soccer.

The bonus at DraftKings is a 20% deposit bonus. And you can receive up to $1,000 on this bonus offer.

Is It Soccer or Football?

If you live anywhere except the US and say the most popular sport in the world is football, you’re correct. You might be asking how a US citizen can be wrong about football and everyone else can be right.

The game using a football is called football by people in the US. Everywhere else, people call the game using a soccer ball football. But in the US it’s called soccer.

To keep things simple, in this post when you read football it means the game using a football. And the game using a soccer ball is called soccer.

It doesn’t matter if you call soccer football or soccer. The important thing is being able to find a sportsbook where you can safely place wagers on soccer matches.

Soccer betting is legal in many states in the US, but it’s not legal in every state. And some states have legalized online soccer betting, and some states haven’t. Also, some states have legal land-based sportsbooks, while other states don’t have land-based sportsbooks.

All of this means that whether or not soccer betting is legal depends on where you live in the US. To learn where soccer betting is legal in the US, start with the bet by state main page. Not only does it include states where soccer betting is currently legal, but it includes states where soccer betting will be legal soon.

Soccer Sportsbook Betting Bonus Offers

Some sports gamblers place all of their bets in land-based sportsbooks. But many sports bettors use online sportsbooks to bet.

Land-based sportsbooks and online sportsbooks have many things in common. You can find lines for popular sporting events and place bets. But there’s one big difference between land-based and online sportsbooks.

Online sportsbooks use bonus offers to entice gamblers to set up an account and make a deposit. While some land-based sportsbooks run promotions, none of the promotions are the same as online sportsbook bonuses.

Most online sportsbooks offer either a bonus on your deposit or bet bonuses.

A bonus on your deposit is a percentage of your total deposit. If a sportsbook gives you a 20% deposit bonus, it means you get an extra 20% when you make a deposit. So, if you deposit $3,000, you receive a $600 bonus.

If a sportsbook uses a bet bonus, you get a bet with no risk when you make a deposit. So, if you receive a $400 bonus bet, you can make a bet for $400 with no risk. When you win your $400 bet it’s just like winning any other bet.

But if you lose your $400 bet, you get your $400 back.

Types of Soccer Betting Lines

If you’re an experienced sports bettor, reading and understanding soccer betting lines is easy. It might take you a few minutes to get the hand of soccer betting lines, but the format is pretty much the same as betting on other sports.

Popular US sports rarely end in a tie or draw. Basketball and baseball games never end in a tie, and it’s rare for an NFL game to end in a tie. But soccer games are low scoring affairs, and sometimes they end in a draw. A draw is the same thing as a tie.

The possibility of a draw adds another layer of betting possibilities when you bet on soccer.

Three Way Moneyline Soccer Bets

A three way moneyline bet is the most popular betting line for soccer matches. The sportsbook offers a choice of three ways to bet on a soccer match.

You can bet on the home team, the visiting team, or a draw. The cost to make the bet is displayed like any other moneyline bet. Most sportsbooks use the three way bet option only on the 90 minutes of play. In other words, the bet resolves at the end of 90 minute regulation, no matter what happens afterward.

Here’s an example of a three way soccer line.

Luton Town + 135

Huddersfield Town + 240

Draw + 210

Draw No Bet Soccer Lines

Another type of soccer betting line is a draw no bet. It’s a straight bet on one team, and a draw results in a push.

Here’s an example of a draw no bet line.

Luton Town – 165

Huddersfield Town + 130

Other Common Soccer Betting Lines

You can also bet on totals in soccer matches. Total bets are the same as over/under bets in most sports. You bet if the total goals scored by both clubs are over or under a total set by the sportsbook.

The final common soccer betting line is a spread bet. Soccer spread bets are like MLB run lines and NHL puck lines. Soccer spread lines run from + 2.5 to – 2.5, with + .5 and – .5 being the most common.

How to Bet on Soccer Matches

Betting on soccer matches is the same as betting on any other sport. Here’s a step-by-step list for your first soccer bet.

  1. Create an account at one or more of the legal sportsbooks listed below. You can create accounts at more than one sportsbook and use the bonus at each sportsbook.
  2. Make a deposit.
  3. Open the sportsbook software on your computer or the mobile app on your phone.
  4. Click on the link in the sportsbook for soccer to see the available matches and betting lines.
  5. Find the betting line you want to bet on and click the line.
  6. The bet is then listed on your bet slip.
  7. Put in the amount you want to bet on your bet slip.
  8. Confirm your bet and hit the button to make it final.

How Sportsbooks for Soccer Betting Are Compared

When determining the best soccer sportsbook, many different things are considered. Here’s a list of the most important factors used for the rankings below.

  • Soccer betting bonus offer
  • Deposit options and speed
  • Withdrawal options and speed
  • Reputation for customer care and safety
  • How many soccer leagues have betting lines available
  • Computer software quality
  • Mobile app quality