DraftKings Dynasty VIP Program

DraftKings offers its Dynasty VIP rewards program to its online sportsbook and casino players. Perks include bonus bets and Crown boosts.

DraftKings is one of the oldest and most successful online betting companies. It started in the daily fantasy sports space. DraftKings expanded into sports betting when the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act was nullified by the Supreme Court in 2018. The company operates legal online casino games in five states. DraftKings players are automatically enrolled in its Dynasty VIP program. This applies to all products. However, bets made at retail DraftKings sportsbooks do not qualify for the Dynasty VIP program. All bets must be made on the app or website for inclusion. 

DraftKings uses the Dynasty Rewards VIP program. Crowns are the currency, which allows players to receive bonus bets and other perks. This page covers how to earn Crowns and other perks at DraftKings. 

How to earn Dynasty Rewards Crowns

Crowns are the currency of the DraftKings Dynasty Rewards VIP Program. Crowns are earned at varying rates, depending on the house advantage of the wager. The list below shows how to earn them. Tier Credits are also awarded, but at a different rate as described below. 

Wager requirement per DraftKings Dynasty Rewards Crown

  • Daily fantasy sports entry fees: $1
  • Teasers and parlays, including same-game ones: $1
  • All other sports bets: $2
  • Most slots: $2
  • Specialty slots and most table games: $5
  • Video poker and blackjack: $8

Available sports bets that return one Crown for every $2 wagered include straights, futures, live betting, futures, and props. Any ticket with two or more outcomes falls under the $1 per Crown category. This also includes pre-filled same-game parlays. 

However, sports betting favorites of -1000 or higher do not receive Crowns. Live dealer craps games are also excluded. 

How to earn Tier Credits

Dynasty Rewards Tier Credits are earned at a slower rate than Crowns. The list below shows how to earn a Tier Credit at DraftKings. Tiers are also available throughout a calendar year.

  • Daily fantasy sports entry fees: $5
  • Parlays, including same-game ones: $5
  • All other sports bets: $10
  • Most slots: $10
  • Specialty slots and most table games: $25
  • Video poker and blackjack: $40

Redeeming DraftKings Dynasty VIP Crowns

There are three ways to redeem Dynasty Crowns in the DraftKings VIP Store. However, most players redeem 550 Crowns for $1 in DK Money. This is like a bonus bet. Below is the return based on different types of bets that earn Crowns:

  • Daily fantasy sports entry fees: 0.18%
  • Teasers and parlays, including same-game ones: 0.18%
  • All other sports bets: 0.09%
  • Most slots: 0.09%
  • Specialty slots and most table games: 0.03%
  • Video poker and blackjack: 0.02%

Note the small returns. A straight sports bet typically has a house advantage of 4.55%. Props and futures can be several times that. However, Crowns only take a sliver of that away. 

Higher tiers award bonus Crowns. Even at the Onyx tier, a straight bet only returns about 0.13% in additional benefits. Players will instead receive better value taking advantage of promotions like bonus bets and odds boosts.

Crowns may also be exchanged for entries into daily fantasy sports contests at the same rate of 550 per dollar. There is also a DK Store with branded merchandise and gift cards.

DraftKings VIP tiers

There are five DraftKings Dynasty VIP tiers. Players start at Bronze. Then, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Onyx are the higher tiers, in that order. The list below shows the number of annual Tier Credits required to achieve the level.

  • Bronze: Starting point
  • Silver: 5000
  • Gold: 25,000
  • Diamond: 90,000
  • Onyx: 175,000

Each tier has its unique rewards. All players also receive Crowns. However, the ability to redeem them and special promotions are based on their level of action. As players achieve the Silver tier and higher, there are more perks. Each tier gets the comps for its level and all below it.

  • Silver: 10% monthly Crown boost, tier-exclusive contests, and weekly prize chests.
  • Gold: 20% monthly Crown boost and priority customer service.
  • Diamond: 30% monthly Crown boost, 24/7 live chat support, six annual Dynasty sweepstakes, exclusive live experiences, special gifts, and a VIP host.
  • Onyx: 40% monthly Crown boost, access to five different Onyx rewards throughout the year, including for live events. 

DraftKings Dynasty VIP FAQs

Do I get Crowns when making bets at live DraftKings sportsbooks?

Crowns are only awarded for bets made online and on mobile apps.

Do I get DraftKings Crowns in daily fantasy sports contests?

Players receive a Crown for every dollar in entry fees paid in DFS contests.

How many DraftKings Crowns are worth $1?

Players may exchange 550 Crowns for a dollar in DraftKings bonus bets.

Do I get Crowns when playing at the DraftKings online casino?

Crowns are awarded at DraftKings online casino games in Connecticut, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. One Crown is awarded for every dollar wagered at most slots, one for $25 at specialty slots and most table games, and $40 per Crown at blackjack and video poker.