College Sports Betting Restrictions by State

Many states have restrictions on college sports betting. This includes bans on props and in-state schools. Read each state's rules here.

College betting is available in all but one state where sportsbooks are legal. However, there are many restrictions on college sports betting. These include a mix of bans on in-state teams, amateur events held in the state, or prop betting on individual performances. This article shows what the policy is for college sports betting in every state where it is legal.


Arizona allows college sports betting. This means you can bet on the Arizona Wildcats, Arizona State Sun Devils, and Northern Arizona Lumberjacks. However, individual player props are not permitted. 


Arkansas has no restrictions on college sports wagering. Bettors can back or fade the Razorbacks and any other in-state school, as well as get prop action. 


Colorado permits bets on universities within the state and any other amateur event. The Colorado Buffalos and Colorado State Rams are available on the board at both retail and online sportsbooks. The only exception is that prop betting on an athlete’s stats, regardless of the location of the college team or venue.


Connecticut has an unusual in-state college betting policy that was later adopted by much of the region. Bets are not accepted on Connecticut college sports teams except during a tournament. For example, if UConn is in a basketball tournament like March Madness, NIT, or Big East, its games may be on the board as long as there are four teams in it. However, regular season games are not available. 


Delaware does not permit betting on in-state college games. This applies to the sportsbooks at the racetracks and lottery retailers. 


Illinois only restricts college betting applies to mobile apps. No online in-state college betting is allowed. However, the state’s retail sportsbooks permit it. 


Indiana allows bettors to get action on in-state university games, including the Hoosiers and Boilermakers. No props are permitted on any college event, regardless of where the team is located, or the game played. 


Iowa’s college betting policy is the same as Indiana’s above. Iowa Hawkeyes and Iowa State Cyclone bets are permitted. No college props are booked in Iowa. 


Kansas does not restrict college betting in any way. Wagers are accepted on props and the Jayhawks and Wildcats games. 


Kentucky is the newest online sports betting state. It does not have any restrictions on college betting, including props. This means Kentucky residents can get action on the Wildcats, Cardinals, and Racers, among others. 


There are no restrictions on college betting in Louisiana. Props and in-state wagers are permitted. This includes the LSU Tigers, the most popular college for betting in the state. Some Louisiana parishes ban mobile sports betting altogether, while most permit it. 


Maine does allow bets on in-state colleges. The state’s sportsbooks permit all other wagers. 


Maryland does not have any college betting team restrictions. Players can back or fade the Terrapins and any other university in the state. However, in February 2024, Maryland banned individual college prop betting.


Massachusetts bans betting on in-state colleges with one exception. Like others in the region, bets made on tournament play, like the conferences, NIT, March Madness, and College World Series, are permitted. 


Michigan does not restrict college betting. Props, straight wagers, parlays, teasers, futures, and live betting are all allowed, even on Michigan Wolverines and Michigan State Spartans games. 


Mississippi does not have any restrictions on bets. This means you can bet on Ole Miss, Mississippi State, and Southern Miss games. The only caveat is that the wagers must be made on a casino property as there is no statewide mobile betting. 


Montana does not restrict any type of betting on university sporting events. The only problem is that bets must be made at a lottery retailer against some of the worst odds in the country. That is because the Montana sportsbook industry is a lottery monopoly. Its pricing and odds reflect that. 


There are many restrictions on college betting in Nebraska. It is not allowed on any player props. In-state schools are banned, including the Nebraska Cornhuskers. It also goes a step further. If a college event is held in the state, it may not be on the boards. 

This means the College World Series is not available for wagering purposes in Nebraska, even if all teams are from other states. Since it is held in Omaha, Iowa sportsbooks are available just across the Missouri River from it. 


Nevada did not permit college betting on in-state schools for decades. That changed in 2001. Today, there are no restrictions on UNLV Rebels and Nevada Wolfpack games. 

New Hampshire

New Hampshire does not allow betting on in-state schools. The prohibition also applies to any collegiate sporting event that takes place in the state, even if it does not involve a New Hampshire school. 

New Jersey

New Jersey blocked betting on in-state college games and ones held in the state between other teams from the start. This means there is no betting on the Rutgers Scarlet Knights. When St. Peters made it to the Elite 8 in the 2022 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, bettors in New Jersey had to go without playing those games or were forced to go to New York or Pennsylvania. In 2021, voters rejected changing that law. 

New Mexico

The state does not regulate New Mexico sports betting. It is up to each tribal casino to decide how to handle in-state betting on colleges like New Mexico and New Mexico State. Most take that action, while some do not. 

New York

New York does not permit college betting on in-state schools. Statistical props are also not permitted. 

North Carolina

North Carolina sportsbooks do not have any college wagering restrictions. The North Carolina Tarheels, NC State Wolfpack, Duke Blue Devils, Wake Forest Demon Deacons, and the Appalachian State Mountaineer are all available for betting. This includes props. 

North Dakota

The state does not regulate North Dakota sports betting. College betting is up to each tribal casino. Most accept all forms of wagering. 


Ohio does not have any college betting restrictions on team play. This means the Ohio State Buckeyes and all the MAC games are on the board. However, prop betting on individual players is not permitted.


Oregon has the most extreme college betting policy in the United States. All forms are prohibited. It does not matter which sports or teams are involved, Oregon law bans all forms of college wagers. 


Pennsylvania allows in-state sports betting on colleges like the Penn State Nittany Lions and Pitt Panthers. However, all player props are off the board. 

Rhode Island

Rhode Island does not allow betting on in-state college schools or events held there involving any amateur teams. Prop bets are permitted. 

South Dakota

South Dakota does not allow bets on in-state schools or any college prop wagers. Bets must be made in Deadwood or at a tribal casino with a sportsbook. 


College betting is huge in Tennessee. Bets are accepted on the Tennessee Volunteers, Memphis Tigers, Vanderbilt Commodores, and any other university in the state. However, player props are not allowed. 


Vermont does not allow wagering on in-state schools. However, there is an exception made if the team is playing in a tournament with at least four entrants. In March 2024, Vermont banned prop betting on college betting.


If you want to bet on the Virginia Cavaliers, Virginia Tech Hokies, or any other school in the state, you must go to West Virginia, North Carolina, or Kentucky, or Maryland to do it. In-state college betting is banned in Virginia. Props bets are also prohibited.  


Washington state does not allow betting on colleges located there. All bets must be made at a tribal casino.  

Washingon DC

Bettors on colleges like Georgetown are out of luck in Washington DC. Those types of wagers, as well as props, are prohibited. It’s a good thing that mobile betting with better odds is just across the river in Maryland. 

West Virginia

West Virginia allows bets on in-state colleges. This includes the Mountaineers and Bison. However, college props are not permitted, regardless of the location of the event or teams. 


No state law covers college sports betting in Wisconsin. Regulations are up to each tribe as reservations are the only places where it is legal. Each tribal casino makes its policy for in-state college betting. Most do not allow it or offer props.