Best Sportsbook for Golf

If you bet on golf, how do you know which sportsbook is the best for golf? Do you look for the best bonus offers or the best lines? Do you consider how easy or hard it is to place a bet, or is working with a sportsbook with a long history more important?

Determining the best sportsbook for golf betting is challenging. But the good news is that several good sportsbooks offer golf betting lines.

The goal of this page is to use every factor to determine the best golf sportsbook. But first, you’re going to learn about common golf bet options and how to bet on golf. Then you’re going to learn how the best golf sportsbook is picked.

Finally, you’re going to learn about the best sportsbook for golf and the two sportsbooks that competed for the top spot but fell short.

The Best Sportsbook for Golf

When considering all of the criteria for the top sportsbook for golf, there’s a clear winner. DraftKings is the best sportsbook for golf bettors.

DraftKings is one of three finalists for the top spot. When considering everything except the number of golf betting options, the three finalists were about even. But DraftKings won the top spot because they offer more golf betting options.

For example, DraftKings offers top 20, top 10, and top five lines for their golf events. These lines are a big reason why they claimed the top spot on this list.

The other thing that edged DraftKings slightly ahead is their bonus offer. DraftKings gives you a deposit bonus or 20% of your deposit. The maximum deposit bonus is $1,000.

The Rest of the Top Golf Sportsbooks

Here are more details about the two golf betting sportsbooks that didn’t quite make the top spot. Both of these sportsbooks are good options for golf betting and offer good bonuses.

2 – FanDuel

FanDuel started as a daily fantasy sports company and now offers regular sports betting. In many ways, FanDuel is similar to DraftKings, as both are easy to use and offer quality customer service and safety.

The bonus offered at FanDuel is a $1,000 no-risk bet.

3 – BetMGM

BetMGM finished third on the top golf sportsbook list, but it’s still a great option. The BetMGM sportsbook bonus is a $1,000 no-risk bet.

Like the other two sportsbooks on this list, BetMGM has a long history of serving bettors in the US and has good deposit and withdrawal options.

Can You Use Multiple Sportsbooks for Betting on Golf?

Not only can you use multiple sportsbooks for betting on golf, but you should use multiple sportsbooks when you bet on golf.

You should look at every sportsbook that offers betting options in your state. If you don’t know which sportsbooks operate where you live, see the list of states on the bet by state home page.

Open accounts in at least two different sportsbooks. Three or four are even better. With several sportsbook accounts, you can shop for the most profitable betting lines when you bet on golf.

The other advantage for golf bettors with multiple sportsbook accounts is you get multiple bonuses. You can even use bonuses at different sportsbooks to bet on the same golf events.

Common Golf Betting Options

Here’s a list of common golf betting options. All golf bets are moneyline wagers.

All of these golf betting options aren’t available in every sportsbook. Some sportsbooks only offer moneylines on the winner in popular tournaments. The availability of golf betting lines is used when choosing the best sportsbook for golf.

Winner – A moneyline bet on a golfer to win the event.

Top five finish – A bet on a golfer to finish in the top five sports in an event.

Finish in the top 10 – A bet on a golfer to finish in the top 10 in an event.

Top 20 finish – A bet on a golfer to finish in the top 20 in an event.

End of round leader – A bet on the golfer leading after each round of a tournament. Most golf tournaments have four rounds of play.

PGA Championship – A futures bet on a golfer to win the PGA Tour Championship.

The PGA Tour is the main golf betting option in sportsbooks. All the best sportsbooks offer PGA betting lines. Some sportsbooks offer betting lines for other golf events, so if you want to bet on other events your sportsbook choices are limited.

How to Bet at the Best Sportsbook for Golf

Betting on golf is similar to making moneyline wagers on any other sport. But if you haven’t started betting yet, here’s a complete guide to how to bet on golf:

The first thing you need is an account in at least one online sportsbook. All three of the sportsbooks listed below for the best golf sportsbooks are safe and offer good bonuses. Sign up for at least one of the golf sportsbooks listed below. And if you want to receive multiple bonus offers, sign up for all three.

After creating your free golf betting account, the next step is to deposit money so you can make bets. Go to the cashier or deposit area in the sportsbook to see your deposit options.

Once you have money in your account, and hopefully a nice bonus, click on the link to the golf betting lines.

Find the golf event on the list you want to bet on to open the betting lines. When you decide the bet you want to make, click on the line.

Here’s an example:

You want to bet on the Byron Nelson PGA event and see the following lines.

Sebastian Munoz + 300

Joaquin Niemann + 850

Justin Thomas + 1100

You decide to bet on Justin Thomas, so you click where the + 1100 is listed.

After clicking on the bet you want, the bet is added to your bet slip. Now, enter how much you want to bet on the bet slip. So, if you want to bet $150, you enter $150 on the bet slip.

The final step is to confirm your golf bet at the bottom of the bet slip.

What Are Golf Betting Bonuses?

Every legal US sportsbook considered for the best golf betting offers bonuses for new gamblers. Golf betting bonuses all look good, but how do you figure out which bonuses are better than others?

The first thing is learning how the different betting bonus types work. When you have all of the information, you can determine which bonus type you like the best.

Loss rebates are common in golf betting. The way these bonuses work is you get to make a bet, and if you lose you get your money back. But not every loss rebate golf bonus is the same.

Some sportsbooks simply put your lost money back in your account. Other sportsbooks replace your lost money with bonus bets. The two things work out about the same.

The other common type of golf betting bonus is a deposit bonus. When you get a golf deposit bonus, you receive a percentage of your first deposit. A 100% betting bonus on a $4,000 deposit is worth $4,000. And a 30% bonus on the same deposit is $1,200.

But not all deposit bonuses work the same. Some sportsbooks instantly put your deposit bonus in your account. But some sportsbooks release your bonus funds as you bet.

The only way to know how each bonus works is by closely reading the terms. Most bonuses for golf betting are good, but you need to know the requirements and how each bonus works. So, always take the time to read about the bonus rules.

It’s covered in more detail in the last section on this page, but you can use golf betting bonuses in more than one sportsbook at a time.

How to Determine the Top Sportsbook for Golf Betting

When determining the best golf betting sportsbook, many factors were considered. But some factors are more important than others.

We only consider sportsbooks legally operating in the United States. And there isn’t any question about the safety of any sportsbook that made the list.

Here are other factors considered when ranking the top sportsbooks for golf betting:

Software and app – Each golf sportsbook is ranked for its computer software and mobile betting apps. If the software and app aren’t easy to use, it gets moved down the list.

Bonuses for golf – Every golf sportsbook here offers a bonus. Deposit bonuses are ranked slightly higher than no risk bonuses.

How long the sportsbook has been in business – Sportsbooks that have been in operation longer rank slightly higher than newer sportsbooks.

Withdrawal and deposit – How many withdrawal and deposit options each sportsbook offers, and the speed of deposits and withdrawals are considered.

The number of events and lines – Sportsbooks that offer lines for more events rank higher than sportsbooks with fewer events offered. Also, the sportsbooks offering more betting options on each event rank higher.