Sports Betting Research – Why and How to Do Research

Learn about the basics of sports betting research to improve your wagering experience. Read more of our hints and tips.

Sports betting research is one of the best and most accessible methods of fan participation. However, it requires skill and practice and is not as much of a free hit as it may seem to be. The more research you do for your bets, the higher your chances are of being successful in sports betting. Here are a few ideas and steps to take when you are ready to start formulating your betting picks.

The Basics of Sports Betting Research

When you are looking at taking a sports bet, look closely at the teams or individuals that are playing. Then, consider who has the better record. Who has been playing better recently? Have they played each other before, and if so, what is the standing? Finding out the answers to all of these questions is vital in understanding the general picture of a particular game or event.

Once you have done your basic background research, then you should take a look at common stats. For basketball, point differential, and offensive and defensive rankings are great indicators of the team’s overall play. In baseball, total scoring, batting average, and earned run average can tell the story of a team with just a few numbers. Other factors are equally important for other sports. So, find out what is key in gathering your information.

Going to the Next Level

If you want to have a winning record as a bettor, then you need to be willing to look underneath the surface and dig up important numbers that can, at times, be overwhelming. As you continue to do more sports betting research, with time, you will learn that these numbers will help you predict outcomes with much greater accuracy than you would without them.

Second-level numbers include seeing how teams or players have performed at certain venues, how they play against certain styles, and what the specific strengths of their team are. These are important numbers to consider before placing any bets.

For example, if the best team in football has given up more 50+ yard touchdowns than any other team, and they are playing a .500 team that has a strong-arm quarterback that is top-five in passing touchdowns, then the teams’ records may not be as important as the matchup.

A common mistake that inexperienced gamblers will make is looking for numbers that will support a preconceived idea or prediction. Experienced bettors will use the data to form their understanding. The more you can interpret these numbers, the more successful you will be at sports betting.

There is No I in Team Until There Is

Whoever said that there is “no I in team” clearly did not spend much time in the gambling marketplace because star players are frequent determiners of a result in sports gambling. As a result, looking at individual matchups, outside storylines, and pressure on specific players is just as important as knowing which teams are playing, to begin with.

If you are looking to take a prop bet on a particular individual in a team sport, then go through similar steps as you would when picking a team, like looking at how they have performed against similar opposition and their recent results.

Final Steps

After you have covered all of your bases and have done all of your sports betting research, check the extra tabs like the injury report and weather forecasts. The weather and the injury reports are important to see if there are any last-minute changes that you may need to make.

You can never be over-prepared, especially when money is on the line, so do your research and help yourself out on the road to winning.