Best Sportsbook for Baseball

On this page, we offer our #1 choice for the title of best sportsbook for baseball. We also offer a couple of alternatives in case you want to gamble at multiple books (and you should).

Baseball might be the best sport for serious sports bettors. But it’s not as popular as basketball and football.

If you’re a serious sports gambler, it’s time to add baseball to your handicapping schedule. With a long season, multiple games every day, and lines available in all of the popular sportsbooks, baseball is a good choice for most gamblers.

The first thing you need is good lines. But you also want to find a sportsbook with good customer service. And it’s important to bet on baseball in a sportsbook where your money is safe.

This page offers a guide to finding the best baseball sportsbook.

The #1 Best Baseball Sportsbook Is Draftkings

Before you learn what sportsbook is the best for betting on baseball, you need to know something important about the rankings. Ranking the best baseball sportsbooks isn’t clear-cut.

These rankings take everything covered on this page into account, but your opinion and experience might differ. That’s why the other top contenders are listed here too.

Read why this is the best sportsbook for baseball, and then read about the other good baseball sportsbooks. Consider signing up for the best baseball sportsbook and at least one of the other top choices.

Our choice for the best sportsbook for baseball is DraftKings. You can our review of DraftKings here.

Here are the reasons DraftKings is our choice for the best baseball sportsbook:

  • Deposit bonus up to $1,000. The current bonus is 20% of your deposit, so to receive the entire $1,000 you have to deposit $5,000. But you still get a bonus of 20% if you deposit less.
  • DraftKings has a history of safe play, dating back to when they started with daily fantasy sports.
  • Multiple deposit and withdrawal methods.
  • Multiple line options for every MLB game on the schedule.
  • Smooth user interface for computer and mobile betting.

DraftKings edges out the other baseball sportsbooks because of the deposit bonus and their track record. With over a decade of experience, DraftKings is a safe place to bet on baseball.

Other Good Sportsbooks for Baseball

Here are two more sportsbooks for baseball betting that just missed the top spot.

FanDuel came in a close second to DraftKings for the best baseball sportsbook. The main reason DraftKings edges out FanDuel is their deposit bonus. FanDuel offers a bonus bet of up to $1,000 instead of a deposit bonus.

If you prefer a bonus bet over a deposit bonus, FanDuel is a good choice. Read our FanDuel here.

The other sportsbook in the running for the best baseball sportsbook is BetMGM. Here’s a our review BetMGM.

BetMGM is owned by one of the biggest gambling companies in the world. The sportsbook offers a wide range of competitive baseball betting lines. BetMGM knows how to take care of its customers, and it’s available in every state where sports betting is legal in the US.

The reason why BetMGM missed out on the top spot is that they only offer a $600 bonus bet when you make a deposit. But as a second or third baseball betting option, BetMGM is a good choice.

What Makes a Good Baseball Sportsbook?

Good baseball sportsbooks have many qualities. But if you had to pick something more important than anything else, the lines fit the bill.

Baseball handicappers know the way to make money is by finding the best lines. You can learn how to be the best baseball handicapper in the world, and if you can’t find a line with value, your skills are wasted.

Baseball betting lines tend to be close from one sportsbook to another. But a small change can add up to a big difference in your overall profits.

Here’s an example:

You handicap a game with the Brewers playing at the Reds. The Reds are + 1.5 on the run line at both Draft Kings and Fan Duel. But you have to pay – 130 at Draft Kings and only pay – 120 at Fan Duel.

Your handicapping shows value on the Reds on the run line. If you have an account at both sportsbooks, you place the bet at Fan Duel. The $10 difference between – 130 and – 120 doesn’t seem like much in one game.

But when you bet on 100s of games during a season, a $10 difference per bet adds up to $1,000’s.

Reputation and Safety

It’s important to find safe places to bet on baseball games. You need to find sportsbooks where your money and information are safe.

The good news is most sportsbooks offering legal bets in the United States are safe. Not only do the US sportsbooks have to follow strict laws, but the books also don’t have to cheat to stay in business.

Legal US sportsbooks make a profit from the vig. As long as they attract roughly equal amounts on each side of their lines, they guarantee a profit from the vig. If a sportsbook takes enough bets, they make a profit by offering a safe and secure environment for bettors.

Every legal US sportsbook listed on this site has a proven track record of fair play.

Wide Range of Baseball Betting Lines

You don’t have to worry about finding common baseball bet options in any of the US sportsbooks recommended here.

Every major sportsbook offers run lines, moneylines, and totals. And most of them offer the first five-inning wagers.

Once you learn how to make money betting on baseball, you can start looking for live betting and prop options. But these aren’t things considered when ranking the best baseball sportsbooks.

Start with the best US sportsbook for baseball, and learn how to win.

Here’s a secret that can save you a lot of money. This page does list the best baseball sportsbook. But it also lists the other top contenders. Sign up for at least two or three sportsbooks for baseball betting.

By signing up for more than one baseball sportsbook, you get to shop for the best lines on every game, and you receive multiple betting promotions.

Easy and Fast Deposits and Withdrawals

When comparing sportsbooks for baseball betting, it’s important to learn about deposits and withdrawals. You don’t want to have to worry about getting money into and out of the sportsbook.

The best thing about working with the legal US baseball betting sportsbooks listed here is it’s easy to make deposits and withdrawals. And most sportsbooks process deposits instantly and withdrawals in a few days or less.

When you deal with offshore sportsbooks, it’s often challenging to move money. And withdrawals can take a week or longer.

Because the sportsbook recommended here are legal in the US, the banking industry is happy to work with them. With the cooperation of the banking industry, moving money in and out of legal sportsbooks is safe and easy.

Easy to Use Online and Mobile Software

Do you use a smartphone or tablet to make baseball bets? Or do you use a computer?

When sports betting first became available online, everyone used a computer to bet on baseball. But the majority of baseball bettors now use mobile devices.

Every baseball sportsbook recommended below has both mobile betting options and computer betting options.

Some bettors like the betting interface of one sportsbook better than another. And some baseball bettors don’t care about the interface.

The computer and mobile apps for the recommended baseball sportsbooks below all work well. But you might want to try two or three to see which you like best.

How to Bet on Baseball in Sportsbooks

Once you set up an account in a baseball sportsbook, making bets is easy.

Click on the tab for the MLB lines. Find the bet you want to make and click on it. Next, enter the amount you want to bet and you see how much you can win. Finally, click the button to place the bet.

You can easily track all of your bets in your account.

Also, you can read even more about baseball betting on Wikipedia.

Understanding Baseball Betting Bonuses

Sportsbooks have many different types of bonuses you can use to bet on baseball. The two main types of promotions are bonuses and bonus bets. Here’s a quick overview of how to use each of these promotions.

A bonus bet is what it sounds like. If you have a $1,000 bonus bet, you make a bet of $1,000. When you win the bet, you win the normal amount for the wager. But, if you lose the bet, you don’t lose your $1,000.

Baseball betting deposit bonuses work a different way. You have to read the terms to learn exactly how they work where you make a deposit.

A common method for baseball betting deposit bonuses is the bonus gets released as you make bets. The DraftKings bonus is released at $1 for every $25 you bet. So, if you make a $50 bet, $2 is added to your account. Or, if you make a $250 bet, $10 is added to your account.