BetRivers iRush Rewards

BetRivers offers the iRush Rewards VIP program. Active players receive bonus bets and other perks. Read more about iRush Rewards here.

iRush Rewards is the players club for BetRivers. It is exclusive to the company’s online sportsbook and casino operations. Perks and tiers can be transferred to Rush Rewards, the retail casino version of iRush. However, the programs are technically separate.

BetRivers players are automatically enrolled in iRush Rewards when creating an account. The currency is Bonus Store Points, which are exchanged for comps in the BetRivers store. 

How to earn Bonus Store Points

Bonus Store Points are awarded by BetRivers on every sports and casino wager. It does not matter if the bet wins, loses, or pushes. Bonus Store Points are paid based on the type of wager made. The higher the house advantage on the sports or casino bet, the more Bonus Store Points that are awarded. 

Wager requirement to earn a Bonus Store Point in iRush Rewards

The amount shown below is how much must be wagered to receive one Bonus Store Point. A straight wager involves one outcome on a ticket. Tickets with more legs award more Bonus Store Points.

  • Straight wagers: $6
  • Two-leg parlays and teasers: $3
  • Three legs: $2
  • Four legs: $1.50
  • Five legs: $1.25
  • Six legs: $1.05
  • Seven legs: $0.90
  • Eight legs: $0.75
  • Nine legs: $0.60
  • Ten or more legs: $0.50

Players in Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia, may play legal online casino games at BetRivers. This action also qualifies for Bonus Store Points. The formula is a little different. It is based on the return-to-player of a game when perfect strategy is used. The help file of the game discloses the return. 

The list below shows how much must be wagered at a game. Slots fall under the first two categories. Most other games return 97.5% or more. 

  • 94-94.99%: $4.17
  • 95-97.49%: $5
  • 97.5-98.99%: $10
  • 99% or better game return: $25

Bonus Store Credits are good for a year after the date earned. Unlike retail casinos, recent activity is not relevant to keeping points from expiring. 

How to earn iRush Rewards Loyalty Level Points  

Loyalty Level Points are earned in the same way as Bonus Store Points. Use the charts above as a reference.

There are two major differences between Loyalty Level Points and Bonus Store Credits. Loyalty Level Points have no value. Also, Loyalty Level Points expire after 30 days. After that, the average number of points earned over the previous 30 days is removed over days 31-60. For example, if a player earned 900 Loyalty Level Points on Day one and did not play again for a month, 30 points would drop off the bettor’s tier score every day after 30. 

However, newer action replaces these decaying points. If the player once again earned 900 Loyalty Level Points on day 31, it would average into the previous month’s action. Bettors who give consistent action will not need to worry about how this works as the formula takes into account the average level of betting over the last 60 days. 

iRush Rewards players club tiers

There are 11 different tiers at iRush Rewards. However, three of the lower tiers are just for show and offer no additional perks from the tier below it. The list below shows the number of Loyalty Level Points needed to achieve it. Note that the formula includes the number of Loyalty Level Points earned in the previous 30 days with the average of the 30 days before it. Players can follow their tier status in the progress bar of the BetRivers account section. 

  • Tier 1: 40
  • Tier 2: 160
  • Tier 3: 400
  • Tier 4: 760
  • Tier 5: 1400
  • Tier 6: 2800
  • Tier 7: 5200
  • Tier 8: 8800
  • Tier 9: 13,600
  • Tier 10: 20,000
  • Elite: Invitation-only

iRush Rewards perks by tier

Perks vary by tier. The higher tiers receive the comps shown with it and everything from the lower ones. Note that tiers two, four, and six offer no additional perks. 

  • Tiers 1 and 2: Ability to spend Bonus Store Credits
  • Tiers 3 and 4: Special email offers
  • Tiers 5 and 6: Ability to ask for higher deposit limits
  • Tier 7: VIP promotions, birthday gifts, and free BetRivers apparel
  • Tier 8: Expedited withdrawals and invitations to VIP events
  • Tier 9: VIP host and special gifts
  • Tier 10: VIP dinner and permanent personal avatar
  • Elite: Luxury VIP promotions, concierge services, a free Android or Apple phone, and elite gifts

Redeeming Bonus Store Credits

Sports bettors may redeem Bonus Store Credits for bonus bets, bonus money, odds boosts, and profit boosts. Additionally, players in casino states have access to slot play, wheel spins, slot tournament entries, and bingo cards. Displayed in the iRush Rewards Store, these vary by state.

BetRivers iRush Rewards FAQs 

Can I combine my Rush Rewards and iRush Rewards accounts?

BetRivers keeps its online and retail players clubs separate. This means that tiers are not transferable between live and online action. However, points may be moved to retail operations in the app. 

Do Bonus Store Points expire?

Yes. Bonus Store Points are good for one year after the date they were earned.

How long do iRush Rewards tiers last?

Tier points last in whole for 30 days and drop by 3.3% for every day between 31-60, meaning a tier lasts a minimum of 30 days. Additional action in the current period helps players maintain or achieve higher iRush Rewards tiers.