Best Sportsbook for NASCAR

On this page, we offer our pick for the best sportsbook for NASCAR bettors. Since NASCAR fans are devoted and loyal, it’s important that we get this right.

NASCAR is the most popular racing sport in the US. As with every other popular sport, most sportsbooks offer lines for NASCAR events.

And not every sportsbook is the same. Some are safer than others, and the promotions vary by sportsbook.

Besides offering advice about where to bet on NASCAR, this page offers tips on how to bet on NASCAR races.

The Best Sportsbook for NASCAR Betting

DraftKings is the best sportsbook for NASCAR betting. They offer the most betting options and have competitive lines.

Sometimes they have the best lines, but even when they don’t, they have a line that’s close to the other big sportsbooks.

DraftKings offers a 20% deposit bonus that unlocks $1 at a time as you make bets. You earn $1 for every $25 worth of bets you make.

Here’s our review of DraftKings.

Two Other Good NASCAR Sportsbooks

When comparing the best sportsbooks for NASCAR, we had three finalists. DraftKings edged out BetMGM and FanDuel, but it was close.

All three have a record of great customer service, fast deposits, and fast withdrawals. And they’re all safe. The big differences are the bonus offers, and the other two books don’t offer as many betting options.

BetMGM has a $1,000 bonus offer. If you lose your first bet, they replace it with bonus bets for the same amount. Here’s our review of BetMGM.

FanDuel also offers a $1,000 bet bonus. Here’s our review of FanDuel.

You can create accounts at all three of these sportsbooks and use two $1,000 bonus bets and a $1,000 deposit bonus.

You’re going to find good lines and a positive betting experience at all three sportsbooks.

Comparing the Top Sportsbooks for NASCAR Betting

When we reviewed the top US sportsbook for NASCAR betting, we used multiple criteria. Here’s a list of the most important criteria used for the comparison:

  • Bonuses and promotions
  • Ease of creating a new account
  • Quality of computer software to make bets
  • Quality of mobile app to make bets
  • Withdrawal options
  • Speed of withdrawals
  • Deposit options
  • Speed of deposits
  • Customer support
  • How many betting lines are regularly available
  • Years in business

As a bonus, when you use three sportsbooks for NASCAR bets, you get three bonus promotions. You should create an account at the best sportsbook for NASCAR listed below, and also create accounts at the other sportsbooks that didn’t finish at the top of the list.

What Does NASCAR Stand For?

NASCAR is short for the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing. Their main function is operating and sanctioning races. The company started in 1948, and Bill France founded it.

While most people think of NASCAR as the big races that are on television every weekend during the summer, they actually sanction 1,500 plus races every year.

The main NASCAR series is called the Cup Series. Cup races are the weekly races that most people associate with NASCAR. The Cup races are the most popular and the races most sportsbooks offer betting lines on.

Do People Bet on NASCAR?

If you’re not a NASCAR fan, you might wonder why anyone bets on the races. But if you’re a NASCAR fan, you already know why people love betting on the races.

Fans have favorite drivers who they bet on every week and follow like rock stars. Any sport that has such a large group of fans attracts a lot of betting action.

The main thing that hurts the betting action for NASCAR is the limited number of bet options. You can find plenty of places to make bets, but the line options are limited in comparison to many popular sports.

NASCAR Betting Options

Here are the available NASCAR betting options. As you can see, there aren’t many lines offered. And many sportsbooks don’t even offer all of the betting lines listed below. NASCAR bets are moneyline wagers.

  • Winner – A straight bet on the winner of the race.
  • Top three – A bet that a driver finishes in the top three.
  • The top five – A wager that a driver finishes in the top five.
  • Top 10 – A bet that a driver finishes in the top 10.
  • Manufacturer – A bet on the manufacturer of the winning car in a race. Chevrolet, Ford, and Toyota are the three main manufacturers in NASCAR.
  • Driver to win pole position – A bet on a driver winning the pole position for a race. Before each race, the drivers do time trials to determine the starting order for the race.
  • Head to head – A bet on which of two drivers finishes higher in a race.
  • Group winner – Some sportsbooks group drivers together to form groups. You bet on the driver in the group you think is going to finish highest in the race.
  • NASCAR Cup Championship future bet – The most common NASCAR future bet. Drivers earn points throughout the racing season to win the championship.

How to Bet on a NASCAR Race

To bet on a NASCAR race, follow these steps.

  1. Create an account at a sportsbook offering NASCAR lines. All the sportsbooks ranked below offer NASCAR bets.
  2. Make a deposit and get a bet or a deposit bonus.
  3. Open the sportsbook on your computer or mobile device and click on the tab for NASCAR or motorsports.
  4. Find the line or lines you want to bet and click them.
  5. Your bet is moved to the bet slip.
  6. Enter the amount you want to bet in the bet slip.
  7. When you’re ready to place your bet, hit the confirm button.

A smart way to bet on NASCAR races is using three or four sportsbooks. Sportsbooks set their own lines on NASCAR events, so you can find different lines at different sportsbooks.

At one sportsbook a driver might be listed at + 600 to win, and at another sportsbook, the same driver is listed at + 700. Of course, if you want to bet on this driver you want to bet at + 700.

But one sportsbook doesn’t always offer the best lines for each driver. In fact, the lines at one sportsbook can be better for one driver and worse for another compared to a different sportsbook.

Can You Get Bonuses to Bet on NASCAR?

A good question is if you can use bonuses when you bet on NASCAR races. The good news is most online sportsbooks offer bonuses, and you can use them when you bet on racing.

Did you know there is more than one kind of sports betting bonus?

It’s important to understand how every sports betting bonus works. All the sportsbooks that made the top list of NASCAR sportsbooks below offer at least one bonus. The exact details of the bonus offered by each sportsbook are included in the section covering the top sportsbooks.

The two common types of sports betting bonuses are bonus bets and deposit bonuses. Both are valuable and some gamblers like one type better than the other.

A deposit sportsbook bonus gives you a percentage of your deposit. If you get a 50% bonus and deposit $1,000, you get a $500 bonus. Most deposit bonuses are released based on how much you bet.

A bet bonus is a bet that you don’t risk losing. You have to make a deposit and make the bet, but if you get unlucky and lose the bet, you either get your money back or receive bonus bets to replace the money you lost.

In the end, three legal US sportsbooks competed for the top spot. This page offers the pick for the best book and a little information about the two that just missed out.

NASCAR Betting Tips

Here are a few tips for betting on NASCAR races:

The best plan is to learn how to handicap drivers and races, but these tips can help you as you learn handicapping.

The best way to start is to focus on the top 10 and top 5 betting lines. It’s a lot easier picking s a driver to finish high in the race than picking a winner.

Another good strategy is betting on multiple drivers in the same race. So many things can happen in a race that can knock a driver out. Wrecks and mechanical problems happen all of the time.

If you bet on two or three different drivers to finish in the top five, if one of your drivers gets knocked out of the race you can still win. And you have a chance to win on each of your drivers if they all finish the race.