Legal Sportsbooks in Missouri – Sports Betting in MO

Sports betting is not legal in Missouri. Learn more about legislation attempts and difficulties in legalizing sportsbooks.

What’s happening with Missouri sports betting? Is it legal yet? Watch this page for updates about the legal situation and which sportsbooks operate in MO.

History Behind Proposed Sports Betting Bill in Missouri

Countless Missouri legislators have been fighting hard to launch sports betting in the state since 2018. There have been some disagreements in the state government which hasn’t allowed sports betting to be legalized in the Show-Me-State just yet. Sports betting was illegal in the United States from 1992 until 2018 because of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA). Not all states have legalized sports betting, but the form of gambling is becoming the new norm in the United States.

The Supreme Court ruled PASPA to be unconstitutional in 2018. This gave all state legislatures the ability to enact legal sports betting. In 2021, Missouri will debate sports betting legislation for the fourth time since PASPA was shot down. In 2020, Missouri was one of the most likely states in the nation to pass a sports betting bill. The COVID-19 pandemic took the state government’s attention away from sports betting in 2020.

Sports betting will come up for discussion again in 2024. The border states of Arkansas, Illinois, Kansas, and Iowa all have mobile gambling available in their respective territories. This has put pressure on Missouri to agree on sports betting so the state doesn’t lose revenue to these neighboring states for the extended future.

What Sports Betting Bill in Missouri Says

Proposes Missouri sports betting bills have some slight variations, but they all support a competitive sports betting environment with multiple businesses operating in the state. The tax percentages are very friendly, so numerous sportsbooks will be willing to enter the state.

The first bill is SB 18, which is sponsored by Senator Denny Hoskins. This bill will feature retail and online sports betting. There would be 13 retail sportsbooks in the state and up to 39 online operators that could offer mobile books. The state would charge books $50,000 in annual fees, and the tax rate would be 9% of gross revenue. There would also be mandated league royalty fees.

The second bill is SB 217, which is sponsored by Senator Tony Luetkemeyer. This bill would allow 13 retail sportsbooks and 13 online betting platforms. Books would only be charged $5,000 in annual fees and a 6.25% tax rate on gross revenue. There would be no league royalty fees as well. This bill would give Missouri the lowest sports betting tax rate in the country.

The final bill is SB 256 and it’s sponsored by Senator Caleb Rowden. SB 256 allows for the same amount of retail books and online skins as SB 18. This bill does require books to pay a $20,000 annual fee and a 6.75% tax. SB 18 doesn’t ban prop betting, and there are no league royalty fees. This bill has the best chance to pass in the eyes of numerous industry experts.

What’s Holding Back Sports Betting Bill in Missouri

The first issue that Missouri sports betting faced in 2020 was the COVID-19 pandemic. Residents believed that 2020 was going to be the year that legal sports betting entered the state of Missouri. The virus derailed this hope as the state legislature was forced to focus on containing COVID-19. COVID-19 has left an economic dent in the community so this could help sports betting’s case during the 2021 legislative session.

2022 was the fifth legislative session where sports betting was negotiated. There have been some points of contention in the past three sessions since PASPA was repealed. The main point of disagreement is where to offer sports betting. It seems that the goal in 2021 was to offer retail and online betting because of the information in the pre-filled bills. Casinos will have the ability to open retail sportsbooks and mobile gambling.

The state legislature doesn’t know if the Missouri Lottery Commission should have the ability to offer sports betting games as well. Another disagreement was whether there should be additional retail sports betting locations around the professional sports betting venues in the state. In the past, sports betting has been a small portion of a larger gaming bill.

Another sticking point is video gaming in taverns. Regulations for these devices show up in sports betting bills. That has little support in the state. It seems that it will take a ballot initiative to bring sports betting to Missouri.

Sports Teams to Bet on in Missouri

Missouri will benefit from sports betting because the state is filled with professional sports teams. There are five professional franchises across four different major sports leagues. Each team has a championship pedigree, which heightens the amount of interest in these local franchises.

Missouri is the home of the St. Louis Cardinals and the Kansas City Royals of the MLB. The Cardinals play in the NL Central Division and have had a vast amount of success. The Cardinals have won 19 NL Pennants and 11 World Series Championships since 1926. The Royals compete in the AL Central Division. The team hasn’t been as prosperous as the Cardinals since they were founded in 1969. However, the franchise has won two World Series Championships and four AL Pennants in their history. The Royals’ most recent title came in 2015, which was their first Fall Classic win since 1985.

The St. Louis Blues, founded in 1967, play in the NHL’s Western Conference Central Division. The team has won the division title 10 times since 1968-69. The Blues won their first Stanley Cup ever in the 2018-19 season.

The Kansas City Chiefs are the defending Super Bowl Champions following their victory in 2019. This was their second Championship since 1969. Coached by Andy Reid, the team is led by quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes is one of the best young stars in the NFL today.

Sporting Kansas City is the sole MLS team that competes in the state. However, in 2023, there was news that an MLS expansion team was coming to Missouri. St. Louis City SC is expected to begin to play in a few years in the MLS.

FAQ for Betting in Missouri

Is sports betting legal in Missouri?

No, sports betting isn’t legal in the state. Its best bet appears to be the 2024 ballot.

Is there a projected launch date for Missouri sports betting?

Sports betting does not appear to have enough legislative support to become a reality in Missouri.

What’s the legal sports betting age in Missouri?

The legal sports betting age in the state of Missouri will be 21 years of age.

Can you bet on college sports in Missouri?

This won’t be certain until a final bill passes, but the proposed legislation gives bettors the ability to wager on college sports.

Will there be online and retail sportsbooks?

Yes, all legislation has called for retail and online gambling. There are 13 casinos in the state, and every location will have the ability to open up a retail sportsbook. There could be up to 39 mobile sportsbooks in the state, depending on what prefilled bill passes. Most likely, there will only be 13 online skins in the state.