Credit and Debit Card Deposits at Online Sportsbooks

Credit and debit cards are accepted by all legal sportsbooks. This includes Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

Credit and debit cards are one of the most popular online sportsbook deposit options. Visa and Mastercard are accepted by all betting sites. Most major ones process deposits by Discover and American Express. State=of-the-art encryption methods are used to protect your card number and identity. 

While credit and debit cards are some of the most convenient and secure deposit options, there are some drawbacks.

Pros of using credit and debit cards at online sportsbooks

  • Accepted by all operators
  • Processed instantly
  • Legal sites usually don’t charge fees
  • Protection from fraud under federal banking laws
  • Bank account details are not required

Cons of using credit and debit cards at online sportsbooks

  • Credit card deposits may carry a cash advance fee
  • Some states don’t allow credit card deposits
  • Withdrawals must often be requested through another method
  • Authorization forms may be required before initiating a withdrawal
  • Deposit limits may be small, especially on new accounts

How to make a credit or debit card deposit

The first step when making a credit or debit card deposit at a sports betting site is creating an account. You will be asked for your name, address, date of birth, email address, and the last four numbers of your Social Security Number. This information is used to verify your identity and prevent fraud.

It is imperative that you give the betting site your correct address and that it matches the one from your credit card. If it does not match, the transaction will be declined by your bank. 

Once your account is created, open the cashier. Choose the credit and debit card option from the menu. Pick your deposit amount. Make sure it is within the posted limits. The minimum deposit amount is usually $5 or $10. The maximum can be anywhere from $300 to thousands of dollars. Enter your card number, CVV, and expiration date into the form. Once that step is finished, click the deposit button. 

If you use a credit card, your bank may consider it a cash advance. Contact your bank to find out its policy before using it to avoid surprise fees and interest that accrue immediately. 

Your bank may not permit these types of transactions. States like Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Tennessee, and Vermont do not permit credit card deposits. If these policies prevent your deposit from being processed, you should use PayPal or the Play+ prepaid debit card

Gift card deposits

There are several ways to fund an account using gift cards. Some prepaid Visa and Mastercards work at betting sites. However, some do not. If you want to deposit using cash to buy a prepaid card, gift cards are the best option. Major online sportsbooks like DraftKings, FanDuel, Caesars, and BetMGM have branded gift cards. These are found anywhere gift cards are sold, like grocery stores, drug stores,  and gas stations. 

Withdrawals are not available for gift cards. Another option must be used. Bank transfers are the typical withdrawal option when using this method. 

Withdrawals to credit and debit cards

While credit and debit cards are easy deposit options, the withdrawal situation is more complicated. FanDuel processed withdrawals to credit and debit cards. Most other sites do not, or only do up to the amount of the deposit so that it can be reversed. The remainder must be paid another way in this instance. The most common withdrawal options when a credit or debit card is used are bank transfers and the Play+ prepaid debit card. 

Regardless of which method you choose, a credit card authorization form may be required before a withdrawal is completed. That process includes providing copies of your card and a signature to match the one on file with your bank. 

Use credit and debit cards responsibly

One reason why credit cards are banned for online sportsbook deposits in some states is responsible gambling. Lawmakers and gaming regulators do not want bettors to borrow money to finance their bets. If your state allows credit card gambling, it is imperative to bet within your means. If you lose, do not chase. Set a budget aside to avoid going into debt.

Debit cards are tied to bank accounts. It may be tempting to try and win back losses by making another deposit and trying to bet your way to even. This is a poor strategy. Take losses in stride and it off to entertainment. Cool down before placing more bets and it will stay fun and not become a problem. 

Credit and debit card sportsbook FAQs

What types of credit and debit cards do online sportsbooks accept?

Online sportsbooks accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express credit and debit cards. 

Can I withdraw from an online sportsbook to a credit or debit card?

Most online sportsbooks do not permit withdrawals to credit and debit cards. FanDuel is an exception.

How do I withdraw from an online sportsbook when depositing with a credit or debit card?

If your favorite online sportsbook does not process withdrawals to credit or debit cards, you may receive your winnings through methods like bank transfers and Play+. 

Do online sportsbooks accept American Express?

Most legal online sportsbooks accept American Express.

Do online sportsbooks accept the Discover card?

All legal online sportsbooks accept the Discover card.

Do online sportsbooks accept the Visa card? 

All online sportsbooks accept Visa.

Do online sportsbooks accept the Mastercard? 

All online sportsbooks accept Mastercard.

Are there fees when depositing by credit or debit cards at online sportsbooks?

Legal online sportsbooks do not charge fees for credit and debit card deposits. Offshore ones charge a fee as high as 10% of the entire deposit. This is a reason to play at legal sportsbooks over offshore ones.