888 Sportsbook Review

888 was a US online sportsbook. It is now called SI Sportsbook, which is branded with Sports Illustrated magazine.

888 no longer offers a US sportsbook. It was rebranded as SI Sportsbook. That is related to Sports Illustrated magazine. The information below is for historical purposes and no longer current.

888 Sportsbook was founded in 2008. The book is multinational but predominantly in European markets. The company is headquartered in the United Kingdom, and it’s a part of 888 Holdings PLC.

Since 888 was primarily a European sportsbook, it didn’t feature many United States sports. Soccer or “football” was the game that saw the most bets placed in the European market.

888 has been a signature book in Europe, but it made its way into the United States not too long after it founded the sportsbook. The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) kept legal sports betting out of the United States since 1992.

Only a few states were allowed to continue legal sports betting once the law was created by the United States Congress. This all changed in 2018 when the Supreme Court ruled that PASPA was unconstitutional, but 888 was in America well before the act was repealed.

Just five years after its launch, 888 was in America in 2013 in the state of Nevada. The Nevada Gaming Commission gave 888 permission to provide online poker through a partnership with Caesars.

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888 quickly established itself as a trusted book in the state of Nevada. People loved the interface, bonuses, and live betting ability. This set 888 up well down the road when the PASPA ruling legalized sports betting throughout the country.

888 didn’t rest on its laurels, and it continued making improvements to its platform. It wanted to expand throughout the United States, and it has been able to do so in the state of New Jersey.

888 is so popular in New Jersey that you’ll sometimes see it referred to as 888 NJ Sportsbook.

In March 2019, 888 hired Dedsert LTD,  a PPH service based out of Dublin. Dedsert took the book to a new level with an improved interface and more betting options.

Caesars saw the success that the mobile book was having in Nevada and wanted to get in on the action. It brought the sportsbook to the East Coast by creating a partnership with its Atlantic City casino.

This made the 888 Sportsbook app one of many apps available to people within the state’s borders. 888 is now available in two states. But the company plans to grow.

The sportsbook has received great reviews in both markets, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see the book grow its presence in the United States.

888Sport Features and Information at a Glance

888 has numerous features that set it apart from other books in the United States. Even though it has only been in the American market since 2013, 888 has still been around since 2008.

As a legal sportsbook in Europe, it garnered a solid reputation that made its way to the United States. Security issues are nonexistent, and the company has an amazing customer service system. This system derails complaints and allows problems to be solved quickly.

The book also offers a variety of promotions throughout the year. The more you play, the more bonuses you’ll receive.

This is how 888 has attracted bettors to its sites despite competition from other American books like DraftKings, FanDuel, and BetMGM.

Another cool feature of 888 is its layout. Since the book originated in Europe, it has a variety of European sports that American players can bet on.

European soccer is more popular in the United States than MLS in a lot of locations. If a person loves betting on European soccer leagues, they won’t find a better app than 888 Sportsbook.

888 Sportsbook Bonus Offers and Promotions

888 Sportsbook now offers two promotions for new players. The first 888 Sportsbook bonus is a large promotion, and the other is a minor bonus, but they’re still competitive among American mobile sportsbooks.

The major promotion is a loss rebate of $500. This only applies to your first bet, so keep that in mind. If you lose your first bet, you’ll be reimbursed with your entire risk within 72 hours of your loss.

This only applies to single bets. You’re unable to use this promotion on a parlay.

888 is also known for its promotions for frequent users. It rewards its long-term players and gives users the ability to win extra money multiple days per week.

Its marquee promotion is called Pick 8. At the start of the week, click the Pick 8 banner on the 888 Sportsbook homepage. There are eight selected events from the book, and you have the opportunity to choose the outcome.

Players who pick eight correct answers split a $1,000 pool. It also rewards players who pick a few correct outcomes.

Players who participate get bonus bet coupons for two or more correct selections. If you make seven correct selections, you get a $10 bonus bet.

The other great promotion that 888 is Money Back Monday. To qualify, you need to bet at least $1 on a Monday. If your first bet on a Monday loses, your account is credited with up to a $50 refund.

Banking Options at 888 Sportsbook

888 gives players multiple banking options to deposit and withdraw funds. The main banking option that 888 offers players is a deposit by credit or debit card. 

888 allows you to deposit funds on a MasterCard, Visa, or Discover Card. It does not accept deposits with American Express. And, you cannot withdraw funds with any of these cards.

The safest and best banking option that 888 provides bettors is PayPal. Players can make instant deposits safely and securely through the app.

You can also take funds out quickly with PayPal, and the money will go right into your e-wallet. This makes it easy to transfer funds back to a debit card.

888 Sportsbook’s other preferred payment method is through ACH payments. This is a bank transfer that is 100% safe and secure like PayPal.

You’re able to add and withdraw funds on your ACH account, which gives players quick and easy betting ability. If you’re at Caesars Atlantic City, you can deposit at its “Cage.”

This allows you to deposit and withdraw funds directly into your 888 Sportsbook mobile account.

The final two banking methods are a generic banking transfer from a debit account and the Pay with Cash method at local 7-Elevens.

Types of Bets on 888 Sportsbook

888’s betting option selection is competitive, especially when using their mobile book. It offers traditional bets like the moneyline, spread, and over/under. Like many other books, it takes these simple bets a step further.

It has a moneyline option for first and second half bets of nearly every competition. It has point spreads for almost every quarter, and the same goes for the over/under. This makes simple bets even more exciting because players have more betting options.

888 Sportsbook also has prop bets for all competitions. These have a smaller probability of winning, so it gives players a great opportunity to win a bunch of money.

888 also dominates in the futures bet department. If you can bet on a league, you can probably place a futures bet in that league, too.

The best wager type at 888 is the live betting option. When it hired Dedsert LTC to run its book, 888’s live betting ability was taken to new heights.

Live betting is available for most contests on the app. It has a constant real-time scoreboard for every competition, which makes live betting easier because you can stay in the app to know the scores.

It has traditional live bets but also gives players prop betting ability live. With all these bet types, users never get bored on the 888 platform.

888 Sportsbook FAQ

What is 888 Sportsbook called now?

888 is now SI Sportsbook in the United States.

Is 888 Sportsbook legal in the United States?

Yes. 888 has been available in the United States since 2013 in Nevada. It entered the New Jersey betting market in 2019. It has partnered with Caesars Casino and established itself as a top-tier mobile book in the United States.

888 Sportsbook is based out of Europe. Am I able to bet on American sporting events?

Yes. 888 gives players the ability to bet on American sports but also has a heavy focus on European events. This gives players the best of both worlds with multiple markets to wager on.

Is 888 Sportsbook legit?

Yes. 888 is a legit, safe site and platform. Since it is a legal United States book, it has to provide a high level of security to players, unlike illegal offshore books.

Does 888 Sportsbook give frequent bonuses?

Yes. 888 offers new sign-on bonuses as well as recurring promotions every week. Currently, it is offering five weekly promotions for users.

Can I play on 888Sport if I’m not in a legal state?

No. You can’t place a bet on 888 if you’re not in a legal state. However, you can still download the app and create an account to view the odds. The app uses your device’s GPS setting to figure out if you’re in a legal state.