FOX Bet Sportsbook Review

FOX Bet was a legal US sportsbook related to the major sports broadcasting company. It permanently closed in 2023.

FOX Bet no longer operates. It closed in 2023. The site was not rebranded or sold. It was so unsuccessful that it unceremoniously went offline right before the 2023 football season. The information below is for historical purposes. The site closed permanently.

This FOX Bet sportsbook review explains how Fox Bet has climbed the sportsbook leaderboards and established itself as a great book in its short time of operating. FOX Bet is branded under the FOX Sports name, but the company didn’t create the sportsbook on its own.

FOX Bet was created when FOX Corporation partnered with The Stars Group back in 2016. The Stars Group is a Canadian online gambling company that was founded in 2001.

It’s a publicly held company that has a huge name in the online betting community. The Stars Group has since been acquired by Flutter Entertainment, so FOX Bet is now run by Flutter.

The original partnership between The Stars Group and FOX Corporation was formed in May 2019. This was a groundbreaking deal because FOX Sports became the first major television channel to be the brand on a legal American sportsbook.

However, FOX was brought in because of the corporation’s name. The Stars Group thought this would be a great way to attract bettors.

FOX Corporation’s stake in FOX Bet represents this. FOX only has a 4.99% stake in the betting platform.

The company will have the option to take up to a 50% stake in the future if the book yields financial success. FOX Bet is available in three states, with a bonus play option available for the whole country.

FOX Bet first launched in New Jersey in August 2019. This was a quick transition to include the FOX brand for The Stars Group because the company already ran a retail sportsbook in Atlantic City.

BetStars Sportsbook was the previous book before FOX Sports took over the branding. Its retail book is located at the Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City. The rebranding and new partnership allowed both companies to see a financial reward.

This pushed FOX and The Stars Group to continue expanding the book throughout the United States. It then expanded to Pennsylvania in September 2019. The mobile app launched on Sept. 4, 2019, and has an affiliation with the Mount Airy Casino in the Poconos.

Following the Pennsylvania launch, the book emerged in Colorado, one of the most promising betting markets in the country. FOX Bet went live in Colorado in May of 2020.

The COVID-19 pandemic didn’t affect the book’s revenue, and it saw success in the new market. There is no retail FOX Bet Sportsbook in Colorado like there is in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

FOX Corporation and The Stars Group are planning to bring the book to Michigan, Tennessee, and Virginia in 2021. This made FOX Bet legal in six states by 2022.

If this occurred, it would be perfect timing for the new book as online sports betting popularity continues to grow throughout the country. FOX Bet has seen some big handles in its three legal states.

The brand could become a major power in the betting industry if it grows like it has in its short time.

Features that Set FOX Bet Apart

Since FOX Bet was created by The Stars Group, it was a superior platform right from the original New Jersey launch. The Stars Group has since been acquired, but the superior experience hasn’t disappeared for FOX Bet players.

FOX Bet’s first distinction is that the book focuses on major sporting events and creates promotions surrounding those events. The book is known for giving substantial odds boosts for big sporting events.

This doesn’t just mean playoff or championship games. FOX Bet has provided weekly bonuses if big games are occurring to entice players to play on the book.

It’s worked as FOX Bet has been able to compete with the big dogs in the industry like DraftKings and FanDuel at times in its short lifetime.

Besides these frequent odds boosts, FOX Bet struggles with promotions. However, the book is one of the most competitive platforms in the industry for favorable odds.

FOX Bet gives you a great chance to win and receive a massive payout in the process, depending on your risk.

When it comes to futures odds, FOX Bet dominates the field. The book has by far the best odds in the industry. If you’re willing to take a risk on a futures bet, you’ll be rewarded with amazing odds.

Bonuses and Promotions

FOX Bet is still growing, so the book isn’t giving out tons of promotions just yet. I expect this to change as the book gains size and popularity.

Big books can afford to give bonus bets, but FOX Bet isn’t at this stage. If the book expands, promotions could improve drastically.

FOX Bet has a standard welcome bonus compared to other books in the industry. For your first wager, you’ll get up to a $500 loss rebate.

To be eligible for this promotion, you must create a new account and make a deposit. If your first bet loses, you’ll receive a bet credit that’s the same amount as your initial risk.

FOX Bet also has a solid parlay promotion each week. This promotion is limited to one per week per player.

If you place a three-leg parlay with a minimum bet of $10, FOX Bet will give you a $5 bonus bet that’ll be good for one week. This parlay promotion would be good to use on a college football or basketball Saturday.

FOX Bet gives massive odds boosts every weekend on the biggest games. These vary depending on the weekend, but you’ll always be able to find a game with great odds to win big.

FOX Bet also has some smaller promotions outside of betting through contests. If you follow FOX Sports on Instagram or Twitter, you’ll be entered into a contest to win a $100 bonus bet. FOX Bet isn’t great with promotions, but the odds posted on the book make up for this, in my opinion.

Banking Options on FOX Bet

FOX Bet is the same as most legal books in the industry when it comes to banking. The book gives players an array of options for everyone to find a banking option that’s easy and accessible.

FOX Bet has a mobile cashier that helps you easily place a deposit and collect your withdrawals. New Jersey and Pennsylvania give players the option to deposit and collect winnings at its retail book.

This is through the FOX Bet Cash at Cage in each of these locations. Colorado clients don’t have this option because FOX Bet doesn’t have a retail book in the state. This isn’t an issue, though, because of all the other options that FOX Bet provides.

FOX Bet allows players to deposit through eChecks, Neteller, Prepaid+ Card, Skrill, Visa, MasterCard, PayNearMe, or online banking. Deposits post instantly.

Withdrawals process within 24 hours, so you’ll collect money fast with FOX Bet.

FOX Bet provides players with three withdrawal options in all three states. Pennsylvania and New Jersey have the instant Cash at Cage option as well. The withdrawal options are eCheck through ACH, a Prepaid+ Card, or Skrill.

FOX Bet has more options than a lot of books but is still a step below the biggest books in the industry when it comes to banking.

Types of Bets Available

FOX Bet thrives in the American sports betting market. FOX Bet is superior when it comes to giving betting options that FOX Sports covers on its platform.

The NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL betting markets are phenomenal. This is where you’ll see massive bonuses and odds boosts.

College football and basketball coverage are great as well. You’ll see comparable bonuses in these two sports.

FOX Bet doesn’t neglect other markets in the United States, but these options are not as plentiful as the mainstream events. Some other sports that FOX Bet offers are combat sports, cycling, darts, soccer, golf, cricket, racing tennis, and table tennis. This isn’t an extensive menu, but it focuses on the interests of American bettors.

FOX Bet gives players the option to bet all the common single bets. This includes the point spread, moneyline, and totals bets.

You also can create parlays and teasers with ease on the book. This is a great way to take FOX Bet’s odds boosts and create a big parlay or teaser payout.

FOX Bet has a standard amount of prop bets. This varies by sport, but you won’t be disappointed with the options the book provides.

One area where the book dominates is with future bets. The book is known for having the best odds in the industry for futures.


Where is FOX Bet legal?

FOX Bet launched in New Jersey in 2019. Following this, the book moved to Pennsylvania and Colorado. There are plans for the book to move to more states in 2021, including Michigan, Virginia, and Tennessee.

What is the legal age to place a bet on FOX Bet?

You must be 21 years of age to place a bet on FOX Bet.

Does FOX Bet offer an online casino?

Yes. FOX Bet offers an online casino and poker feature through PokerStars Casino. The online casino is great for players who want an all-in-one online sports betting and casino. Your winnings can translate over to each platform.

Does FOX Bet offer a lot of bonuses?

No. FOX Bet doesn’t offer a lot of promotions. However, FOX Bet provides serious odds boosts for big games every weekend. This has been a big factor in drawing players to the sportsbook.

Is FOX Bet open?

FOX Bet closed in 2023. It no longer operates.