Professional Gambler Sports Betting Strategies

So, you want to be a professional gambler? Here are some tips and tricks to help you build a professional gambler sports betting strategy.

Want to focus on learning how to be a professional sports bettor? The good news is you can learn how to be a professional sports gambler. But you have to learn some professional gambler sports betting strategies. However, it’s going to take some work. But you can’t be a pro sports bettor if you don’t start practicing. And now is the best time to start.

Professional Gamblers Understand Value

What’s the difference between a professional sports bettor and an amateur sports gambler? A better question is: what’s the difference between a winning and losing sports bettor?

A person who bets a lot of money on sports can call themselves a professional. But to be a true professional you need to win. The biggest difference between winning and losing is understanding value. Winning sports bettors understand what value is and they take advantage of it.

Value in sports betting is any bet that returns a positive amount of money in the long run. Each game is only played once, so sometimes you win. However, sometimes you lose, even when you place a bet offering long-term value. If you make enough bets with long-term value, you make a long-term profit.

Here’s an example:

You handicap a game and determine the home team should win by six. You make a bet on the home team at – 3 and lose the game. Losing the game doesn’t mean you didn’t have value. If your handicapping was correct, you probably win the bet seven out of nine times.

But, how do you know if a game offers value? The proof that you know how to find value is in your long-term results. If you’re making a profit, you’re finding more value than not. However, it takes a long time to bet on enough games to see your long-term results. The next section covers how professional gamblers find value.

Find Value Using Handicapping

The best way to find value is by handicapping. Handicapping is the most valuable skill you need if you want to build a professional sports betting strategy.

Your goal with handicapping is predicting score differentials in games. Professional sports gamblers don’t care who wins games or the exact final score. What they care about is if they predict how many points the winning team wins by.

Professional handicappers use all of the available information to evaluate games. They use data from statistics and trends, and what they see when they watch games. They combine all of this information to make predictions.

After making a prediction, the pro compares the prediction to the lines to see if they offer value.

If you want to build a winning professional sports betting strategy, start handicapping games. Practice by handicapping as many games as possible. Track your handicapping results, and adjust your handicapping to improve.

Over time, you can build a winning handicapping strategy.

Understanding Why Lines Are Important

A professional sports betting strategy relies on betting lines. Handicapping a game doesn’t tell you if there’s value. Comparing your handicapping results to the lines tells you if there’s value.

Here’s an example:

If you handicap a game and predict the road team wins by five and all of the available lines have the road team favored by four to six, there’s no value. However, if you can get a line with the home team favored by two or eight, there’s value on one side of the game or the other.

When the road team is favored by two, the value is on the road team. You give two and expect them to win by five. If the road team is favored by eight, the value is on the home team. You get eight and expect the home team to lose by five.

Here’s what this means for a professional sports betting strategy. If you want to be a professional sports gambler, you have to have access to good betting lines. And the more lines you have available, the better chance you have of finding good lines.

How do you find the best betting lines? Join as many trusted online sportsbooks as you can. Every online sportsbook sets lines, and if you have multiple accounts you have access to multiple lines.

Building Your Sports Betting Strategy Systems

Professional sports bettors use handicapping to build strategy systems. Building a strategy system might sound complicated, but it’s not hard once you master your handicapping skills. Building a sports betting strategy system is paying attention to what works and what doesn’t work as you handicap games. As you handicap games, you find some things that work. As you learn more about what works, you use these things as a system to save time.

Here’s an example:

You realize that most of the bets you find with value are home teams getting points. So, you handicap these games first. Another example of a system is learning how to find games that don’t have value quickly. The faster you can eliminate a game, the more games you can handicap.

It requires a lot of work to master handicapping. By paying attention as you learn how to handicap games, you can build systems. As you see things that might work, test them to prove their value. Over time, you can build several systems to help you find value and make more money.

The final thing you need to know is professional sports bettors create systems, they don’t buy them. You might find a system for sale that works for a short time. But when you create your system, you know how it works. And more importantly, you know how to adjust it as you learn new things.

Can You Move the Lines?

Sportsbooks set lines on games based on a number they believe creates an equal handle on each side. If a sportsbook thinks they can collect an equal amount of money on each side of a game with the home team favored by six, that’s where they set the line.

Sportsbooks lock in profits with a balanced handle on a game. Sometimes the books set lines and most of the money comes in on one side. When this happens, sometimes the sportsbooks adjust their lines. The question is can you bet enough money to move a betting line?

In theory, the answer is yes. However, you have to bet a large amount. In fact, unless you have millions to risk, forget about trying to manipulate betting lines.

The only reason to try to manipulate a betting line is to make an even larger bet on the other side after the line moves. A few large betting syndicates have been known to do this, but you’re talking about betting $1,000,000 on one side, and then betting $5,000,000 or more on the other side after the line moved.

Manipulating betting lines is a dangerous strategy. But you can still take advantage when lines move if you have a good handicapping strategy.

Professional Gamblers Use a Bankroll

Most gamblers who want to be professional sports bettors only think about handicapping and finding value. While you have to find value and handicap games, you also have to use another tool. Professional sports gamblers use a bankroll. If you don’t have money to bet, you can’t win.

In other words, your bankroll is one of the most important tools you have as a professional bettor. And your bankroll isn’t only valuable to place bets. Your bankroll also helps you determine the correct amount to bet on any game. Few gamblers have a bankroll large enough to make maximum bets. You have to protect your bankroll from downswings. To protect your bankroll from downswings you use your bankroll to set your bet sizes.

You decide what your bet range is, but here’s an example.

You have a bankroll of $100,000 for sports betting. On any game, you bet 1% to 3% of your bankroll, depending on the level of value. If you find a lot of value, you bet $3,000 on the game. But if you find a lower value, you bet $1,000.

Betting 1% to 3% of your bankroll is a safe range. It’s dangerous to bet 5% or more of your bankroll on a game. Even the best sports bettors lose games. And many profitable sports gamblers only win 55% or so of their point-spread bets.

Protect your most valuable tool if you want to be a professional sports bettor.