Stop Bringing Your Pets to Casinos

Owners constantly portray their pets as service animals. Casinos are no different. Here are reasons why it harms legitimate service animals.

One of the more annoying recent trends is people taking their pets with them everywhere they go. These are not service dogs as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). These are dogs and other animals that are not trained to perform specific tasks for people with disabilities. The owners bring them to public places where pets are banned anyway. Casinos are no different than restaurants and stores. There are many problems with this.

Any business that serves food requires a health permit in most jurisdictions. One of the requirements is not allowing pets into the business. It is unsanitary. That does not stop some pet owners from doing that, using the ADA as an excuse, when the animal does not qualify. Some people claim their dog is an emotional support animal. However, there is no such designation under the ADA. an emotional support animal is a pet under the law. 

Business owners are put in a tough situation when pet owners pose their animals as service ones. These owners know they are rude and breaking the law. Too many times, I see these pet owners blow up on business owners and managers who ask proper questions about service animals when it is obvious the dog is not one. 

I have seen these dogs go to the bathroom on casino floors. In one instance, the poorly behaved dog shown below jumped on me in a casino. When I complained to security at that casino, the patron became threatening, and I was asked to leave.

Casino management later apologized profusely to me for this incident. They shared several problems with pet owners who got aggressive with security people trying to enforce the law, putting them in terrible situations where they risk bad publicity and frivolous lawsuits. 

Dogs disturb other hotel guests

Another problem that gets complaints on social media is people who can’t go to a casino without their dog and then leave it in the room once they arrive. Inevitably, the dog owners gamble later than they intended. The dog gets lonely and confused in its new surroundings and starts barking, disturbing other guests. It is puzzling why someone who can’t leave their dog in its familiar home feels like it is acceptable to abandon them in a strange place. 

Some patrons are allergic to pets. Bringing one into a public place without a legitimate reason can cause problems for these people. Sneezing attacks are especially scrutinized in the COVID-19 era. 

It hurts legitimate service animal owners 

The biggest problem with bringing pet dogs into casinos and any other interior public place is that it hurts the perception of people who need service dogs. When a pet messes on the floor, climbs on things, and bothers other patrons, it makes it harder on dogs with legitimate medical uses and their owners.

Unfortunately, this creates more animosity for those who need service dogs. Security is more inclined to ask questions permitted under the ADA.

This puts businesses in tough situations. They risk making a judgment call in the wrong direction and getting sued because of all the people who break the same law.

It’s cruel to bring dogs into casinos

A casino is not a healthy environment for dogs. There are lights and noises. Casinos are often crowded. About half of the casinos in the US still permit indoor smoking. 

When I see pet dogs in casinos, most look uncomfortable. This is probably why so many misbehave. A pet owner who cares about their dog would never subject them to casinos. The dog would be much happier at home. It is not trained like a service animal.