What Happens to a Football Bet When a Game Is Postponed?

When a football game is postponed or moved due to weather, it may affect pending bets. Here are the policies of major legal sportsbooks.

Today, the NFL announced that the playoff game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Buffalo Bills is postponed. It will be played a day later than scheduled. The original start time was 1pm ET on January 14, 2024. It is now 4:30pm ET on January 15, 2024. 

This caused bettors who already got action on the game to wonder if their wagers are still valid, or if a new one is needed. Each sportsbook posts rules about what happens in this scenario. In regulated legal sportsbook markets, gaming commissions approve these policies and enforce them. The rules can’t be changed if it is postponed. 

Every major regulated sportsbook we found outside Nevada treats the Steelers at Bills playoff game as action. It only moved one day and stays within a scheduled football week at the major sites.

Some small Nevada sportsbooks cancel bets if the game is not held on the scheduled date. This article covers what major sportsbooks do in the case of a date change.


If a game is played in the same scheduling week, it is action. Bet365 considers a football week to run from Thursday to Wednesday. A venue change keeps bets in action if moved to a neutral site. If it is played at the original visiting team’s stadium, it is void. 


BetMGM keeps tickets alive for seven days. If a postponed game finishes in that window, it is action. If it does not, or the venue changes, all bets are no action and are refunded. 


BetRivers considers a football week to run from Thursday to Wednesday. If the football game is played in that time frame, it is action. A venue change only voids action when a game is moved to the listed away team’s stadium or market. 


Caesars Sportsbook keeps football tickets already written in action for seven days after the scheduled time. If the event does not occur during that time, bets are refunded. The exception is the NCAA championship game and Super Bowl. For these events, bets are action, regardless of when it takes place. 


Circa has a liberal policy about keeping bets in action when there is a schedule change. If the game takes place within eight days of the original time, it is action. This includes if the venue changes. For example, if you bet a game scheduled in Florida that must move to a stadium in a different state due to a hurricane, your ticket still has action, even if it is in the original away team’s market.


At DraftKings, if a football game occurs during the same scheduling week, it is action, even if it is postponed a few days. The NFL scheduling week is Thursday through Wednesday. NCAA’s week is Tuesday through Monday. If a game moves to a different week, it is no action. All tickets are pushed.

If a football game is moved to a neutral site that keeps the home team the same, the bet remains action. If it is moved to a location where the home and away teams switch, like a division game that can be made up later, bets are voided. 


At Fanatics, a football game remains action if it is played in the scheduled week. The NFL week is Thursday through Wednesday. NCAA is Tuesday through Monday. If the venue changes, bets remain in action unless the game is moved to the away team’s stadium or market. 


The window for rescheduling a game at FanDuel is only 48 hours. If the game is not completed by then, all bets are void. A change of venue also voids all pending wagers on the event. 

Hard Rock

The house rules at Hard Rock are the same as FanDuel. The game must take place within 48 hours of the scheduled time in the original venue. If that does not happen, all bets are returned. 

South Point

Las Vegas-based South Point is one exception to the rule. If a football game is not played on the scheduled date, or the venue changes, all bets are refunded. South Point also operates the Rampart sportsbook.

STN Sports

STN Sports is the sportsbook operated by Station Casinos. It is based in the Las Vegas locals market. It also operates the sportsbook at Fontainebleau and El Cortez. If a football game is not played on its scheduled date, STN Sports voids the wager. This is also true if the venue changes.